VIDEO: How ‘Mad Men’s’ Prop Master Re-Creates the Past

Ellen Freund tells Variety‘s Elizabeth Wagmeister about how she and the show’s art department were able to depict the 1960s and 70s so precisely. See the interview.


Mad Men: The Props

From Don Draper’s scotch glass to Peggy Olson’s pens, Mad Men’s nostalgic look is all about the details. Read the article.


Ellen Freund: Making Movie Magic

Have you ever wondered how films transport the moviegoer to another place in time? No graphic enhancements needed, just a great prop master. Read the article.


Ellen Freund Spends $15,000 Per Episode On Mad Men Props:
Exclusive Interview

If you’ve ever wondered what Don Draper and co. are really guzzling down and smoking, then Mad Men’s prop master, Ellen Freund, is the one to ask. Read the article.


Ellen Freund: Mad for the Challenge

Ellen Freund is prop master on Mad Men, the hit AMC show that has garnered multiple honors for outstanding art direction. View the article (PDF). Read Art Center’s publication (scroll to page 3).


AMC’s prop photo albums:

Mad Men Season 4 Scrapbook
Mad Men Season 7 Scrapbook


Pitch Perfect Props

It’s not just the exquisitely crafted characters that make Mad Men such a convincing portrayal of the ’60s; it’s also the obsessively curated sets, wardrobes and period-perfect ephemera assembled by the show’s set dressers, art directors and costumers. View the slideshow (first, scroll down to “Pitch Perfect Props”)


Fashion and Style: Episode 706 Mad Men: The Strategy

Prop Master Ellen Freund and Costume Designer Janie Bryant discuss the style of Episode 706. Watch the video. (Note: Many more videos of this sort, featuring Ellen talking about props for specific episodes, are available on AMC.)


In-Depth: The Watches of Mad Men

Mad Men’s obsession with historically accurate physical culture extends to the wrists of the characters, and for years watch fans have eagerly paused DVDs on partially blurred wristshots of Don Draper and his co-workers. Read article.


The Hamilton Behind-the-Camera Awards

Property Master Ellen Freund was presented a Hamilton Behind-the-Camera Award by Mad Men actress Keirnan Shipka. Read article. See a photo.

Greenwich [Connecticut] gets ‘Mad Men’ cameo

The story of how a local relic from the 1960s landed on the period-appropriate “Mad Men” set traces back to Cos Cob and involves two veterans of New York advertising. Read article.